When we started this foundation in honour of our amazing son Cooper, we said from the start that if we could save just one baby or childs life that it would be all worth it. Well when we hear stories like this next one it makes it all worthwhile.

An incredible friend of ours came to us last week and broke down in tears. She had a friend who had a baby recently and as she has been following Cooper’s Foundation she was well aware of the benefits and importance of the Oricom Babysense monitor that we speak so highly of.

She insisted that her friend get this monitor for her baby and told them what had happened to Coops.

Bubs was 5 months old and at 5:00am her alarm went off!! They found her blue and she went into cardiac arrest. They performed CPR and an ambulance was called immediately.

This beautiful baby girl was in ICU for 3 weeks and is now happily at home with her loving family.

This story could have had a completely different outcome if it wasn’t for the monitor alerting her parents to the situation, allowing them the time and opportunity to help their baby girl.

This sends chills down my spine and is now the 3rd story like this that we have heard since starting the Foundation.

Thank you Coops for being the reason that these babies/children are alive and here with their families today. An angel doing incredible things here on earth.

And a huge thank you to our friends and family who take all our information on board and continue to educate and share this with all whom are dear to them.

Together we are making a difference xxx