Local Bairnsdale businesses have made a major contribution to Auction for an Angel by way of goods and services. Should also be mentioned that individuals and businesses have also made significant donations to the fund.

We thought it appropriate to make mention of some of the individuals and businesses that have made larger cash donations to the Cooper Trewin Memorial SUDC Research Fund. We must point out that we have received many other generous donations as well and have just picked a few out to make mention.

Sheltum Locum Pty Ltd which is owned by local identity and Rotarian Tim Shelton has made a donation of $1500 towards the fund.

Bairnsdale Road Service which is owned by friend and Rotarian Dick Hughes made a $1000 donation.

Bairnsdale Medical Group very generously donated $1,000 towards the fund.

Patties Foods who have helped out so much with the Auction for an Angel has also managed to donate a further $315.

Safeway Social Club who again have helped out so much for the Dinner Auction have also donated $213.30 from their staff social club.

Australian Life Insurance (ALI) raised $212 at a work conference to put towards the fund.